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Bayahibe Hotels

Find here the perfect hotel for an unforgettable stay. The Dominican Republic`s southeast coast has to offer all kind of hotel types. Depending on your preference you can choose amongst luxurious All-Inclusive-Resorts, internationally established hotel chains or cozy independent hotels. Whether you are traveling as a couple or a family with children. Here you will easily find the most suitable accommodation for you.

Do you set a high value on professional services? All of the mentioned accommodations provide excellent services, such as helping you with bookings of the best excursions, special kids entertainment, relaxing SPA treatments, and so many more...

Bayahibe Beach

Pristine turquoise water, soft white sandy beaches, surrounded by palmtrees, this is what the Caribbean stands for and this is what you will find at the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic.

Imagine a day on one of these beaches... swimming in the warm waters, sunbathing with a fresh juice or a cold cocktail in your hand whilst listening to Caribbean sounds... this is holiday feeling and let you forget your daily routine.

Discover the different beaches of Bayahibe, they are all in the nearest surrounding and are easy accessible. We show you how to get and what to do there.

Bayahibe Restaurants

Not only offers Bayahibe a huge variety of things to do or see, it also offers a big range of different restaurants, bars and cafes. It doesn’t matter when you get hungry and in what mood you are for, here you can find a hearty breakfast in the morning, just a snack in between or cakes and coffee in the afternoon. At night you are looking for a romantic spot for a candle light dinner or a cocktail right at the beach? Easy to find in Bayahibe!

The restaurants, bars, cafes in Bayahibe serve typical dominican foods as well as international specialities, Mediterranean cuisine or even Sushi.

Things to Do

How would you like to spend your holidays? No matter, if you like to relax on paradisiac white sandy beaches or to explore the jungle, if you want to snorkel in crystal clear water or to dip into deeper waters on a scuba dive. All of this and even more is possible in Bayahibe and its surroundings.

We present you the best excursions to gorgeous beaches on idyllic caribbean islands and show you how to follow the tracks of the Taino Indians. We also help you to find the best diving courses and diving spots. Be it in the water or on land, Bayahibe offers a huge variety of interesting activities.

Byahibe Map

In our map you can find everything what you are looking for in and around Bayahibe. It shows you where important sites are, where you can find delicious restaurants, cafes and bars. It also leads you to tour agencies which take you on very special trips e.g. to Saona Island, the jungle or up the river. Furthermore, it shows you where the resident hotels, from All-Inclusive-Resorts to independent small hotels, the most stunning Caribbean beaches, special sites and locations and of course the things to do are located. With this map you get easily your orientation around town and the area and won't get lost.

Bayahibe Tourist Info

Before your holiday in Bayahibe starts you may question how to get there from the airport Punta Cana, La Romana or Santo Domingo? Maybe you want to know how much money you should take with you, where you can exchange it or withdraw more. We will give you an overview of the transportation options, where you can exchange different currencies and where you find banks and ATMs. Moreover, we give you some advice how to stay safe during your trip and explain why you will see and hear so many roosters in the Dominican Republic. Here we also keep you updated with the latest news about the country and Bayahibe.

La Romana Destination

The province La Romana is a lynchpin in the south coast and its tourism. Its eponymous capital is the fourth biggest city of the Dominican Republic.

For that La Romana has its own international airport and even cruise port and great accommodations, such as the tropical seaside resort Casa de Campo. In this province you still find many picturesque and traditional fishing villages, like Dominicus, Boca de Yuma and Cumayasa. As the Dominican Republic is on an island the ocean will always have an important role, however, don`t miss the inland with its phenomenal rivers and green valleys.

Here you will find detailed information about the places to be and the things to do in La Romana.


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