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Bayahibe Beach

small beach in bayahibe


Isn't one of the reasons why you want to spend your holidays in the Caribbean the fact that you want to relax on a white sandy dreamlike beach and swim in turquoise waters?

That is easy in the Dominican Republic, due to the fact that the country is on an island, you can't miss the ocean. Did you know that the Dominican Republic has more than 795 miles of coastal line with an uncountable number of beaches, which are said to be the most terrific in the Caribbean. Whereas the Atlantic Ocean at the north coast is a bit rough and perfect for all kind of surfing (kitesurfing, windsurfing...), is the Caribbean Sea at the south coast quite tranquil with less currents and waves. Particular at the south coast most of the beaches really look like a perfect postcard picture, they have very white coral sand of different fineness and are lined with palmtrees. You will find endless beaches, as well as lonely romantic spots, but all of them have one in common – the turquoise water. These many beautiful beaches are the reason why the Dominican Republic is one the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

You are going to make a good decision to come to Bayahibe, as there is not only one beach to hang out and relax, you can even choose amongst a few others in the nearest surrounding.

Bayahibe Public Beach

The beautiful fishing village Bayahibe along the coastline has of course its own beach and this beach is marvelous!

In 2011 the small beach close to the town centre was refurbished and spruced up. The beach was widened and new sand and palm trees were added. They also built a pleasant, shady, grass area on both sides of the beach where you can sit and enjoy the views and stunning Bayahibe sunsets. At night the area is lit up and makes a popular spot for romancing couples.

This beach has the whitest, silky soft sand you can find amongst many other in the Dominican Republic. You'll be surrounded by warm turquoise water and beautiful corals.

public beach in bayahibe

The crystal clear, calm waters of Bayahibe bay are the perfect place to float around, to snorkel or try Stand Up Paddle Boarding for the first time. Gliding across the turquoise water is such a nice experience! And you get a great view of the sea life below. You can see all sorts of fish, starfish, cuttlefish, and if you are really lucky manta rays!

You can spend easily a whole day at this beach, as there are a few small restaurants. You even don't have to leave your chair or towel and the restaurant stuff will bring you your snacks and delicious fresh cocktail straight away to your place. There are also enough trees and palms which spend you shade.

A terrific place to stroll or sit by the water and easily reachable by foot when your hotel is in Bayahibe. Just pass La Punta and the port, then follow the wateredge for about 5 minutes. Also by public transport it is no problem, as they stop close to the beach.

Magallanes Beach

Magallanes Beach is pure - pure nature! It is still a bit of an insider tip, as it is not located in the touristy areas. However, it is not far from the centre of Bayahibe, it is an easy 5 minutes walk against the inrush of tourists.

At this small beach you find many trees which spend the needed shade in the strong caribbean sun. Just put your towel on the ground or take one of the few sun chairs. As it is not crowded at all you can enjoy the sound of the sea and the nature.

Magallanes Beach is not a sandy beach, although there is a small passage of sand at the water's edge. The advantage of the more rocky underground is that the water even with some waves is very clear, therefore Magallanes Beach is a perfect spot for snorkeling. There is a small reef right next to the beach, so that you don't have to swim far. You can snorkel in shallow warm waters and watch the rich sea life right below you. What a nice experience!

playa magallanes

The bay of Magallanes beach isn't huge, but big enough to do several strokes and have a glance out of the bay to the open sea or backwards to the picturesque beach. In the morning and late afternoon you can watch the passing boats and catamarans, going to or coming back from their daytrips to Saona Island.

How to get there... When you are in front of the ocean in the centre of Bayahibe, turn left and follow the wateredge, pass the restaurants and the last small boats until you see a baseball field. Follow the gravel road which turns slightly to the left and after round about 2 more minutes you will see the entrance to the beach.

Dominicus Public Beach

If you are looking for hanging out at a postcard like caribbean beach, than Dominicus Beach is a must! It is the embodiment of the Caribbean. Gorgeous white sand, light blue warm and incredibly calm water and many coconut palms.

It is the largest beach in Bayahibe and you can choose between lively areas closer to the resorts, which are located at the beach, or take a long walk on the beach for miles and miles without seeing anybody.

dominicus beach

There is a great atmosphere close to the resorts, with free music entertainment from the nearby Viva Wyndham Resort. Stroll through the markets and souvenir shops and discover the colourful Dominican crafts and arts. You can have drinks, snacks or more in one of the restaurants, or you get fresh coconut water and local sweets, fruits and snacks right on the beach. You can rent chairs and umbrellas for round about 150 Dominican Pesos per day or simply lay in the silky sand with your towel.

People who are staying at the resorts tend to concentrate in front of these, so in between you will have the sand you want. The lovely and long beach is very nice for walking as long as you want through the soft sand until you find your private romantic spot.

Wherever you want to dip into the water, the fine sand is everywhere very gently sloping. The water is so clean and clear that you can still see to the sea ground 400 foot from shore.Whatever kind of place you prefer, you will feel like being in paradise! As many resorts and hotels located at the Dominicus Beach, it is easily accessible and reachable. There are parking areas and the public transportation also stops.

Enjoy your day in the Caribbean paradise!

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