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Bayahibe Map


Bayahibe was once a small and quiet fishing village, founded in 1874 by Juan Brito and his family, who came from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic. Today it is still a small and cozy place, located on the beautiful southeast coast of the Dominican Republic on the Island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. It belongs to the province of Altagracia, is located about 16 miles/16 km east of La Romana, with its international airport. Also Punta Cana is only 50 miles/80 km and the Capital Santo Domingo 80 miles/130 km away from Bayahibe and the town is easily accessible by car or with the public transport system.

Bayahibe sits right at the entrance of the stunning national park called “Parque nacional del este” and is the gateway to the world famous island Saona. As Bayahibe is located on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, there are of course white sandy beaches. The town has its own small beach, less than 1 mile /1.5 km from the town centre and Dominicus beach is about 3 miles/4.5 km eastwards.

Bayahíbe is also the best location for scuba diving in the Dominican Republic. There are over 20 official dive sites located near Bayahíbe, including the three shipwrecks Atlantic Princess, St George and Coco.

Tourist love to escape from their cold rainy and snowy countries, especially in the months from November until April. Therefore is the south-east coast with its tropical climate conditions, year round mild temperatures and sunny weather a pristine holiday destination. In the Bayahibe area can different vegetations be found, e.g. the jungle at a freshwater river equals a rainforest, whereas dry cactus forests can be found just a few miles away in the National park. It is also home of the ´Bayahíbe Rose`, the national flower of the country.

Bayahibe Location

The village of Bayahibe covers quite a small area, that makes it easy to orientate and you can get around quickly.

The ´Carretera a Bayahibe` is the main road which leads from the highway ´Santo Domingo – La romana – Punta Cana` into town and along this road are many points of interests located and is called main road in this article.

About half way on this road into town, in a side street with a bigger bar/colmado (traditional small dominican restaurant) at the corner is the supermarket ´Billy Mini Market`. At the end of this side street is an also very popular colmado and an ice-cream shop. This little street is the place where locals and tourists mingle during the day and especially at night.

There are 2 ATMs and 1 bank in Bayahibe. One ATM is right at the entrance of the supermarket. The bank ´BHD Leon` and another ATM are on the main road, 600 feet/200 meters after the supermarket. Shops, restaurants, colmados, bars and comedors (small kiosks) are spread throughout the whole village, whereas many of them are located at the waterfront.

At the south part of the waterfront you can find most of the dive centres and the gravel road to Magallanes beach. On the north end of the waterfront is Bayahibe beach. Along the walk to the beach you can turn left on the peninsula La Punta and enjoy stunning views on the sunset and the boats in the marina. Before you reach the beach, you will pass the tour operators to Saona Island or other excursions.

You can find hotels right at the waterfront, but most of them are just minutes away from the sea in one of the small roads. The only resort of Bayahibe ´Dreams La Romana` is at the far end of the public beach, but still in walking distance to the town centre.

Just in case you need it, there is a 24 hour medical centre, called ´Centro Clinico Bayahibe Dr. Brito & Asociados` and located in the Calle Juan Brito (on the main road turn eastwards at the corner with the Caribe Express parcel service).

If you want to go around by public transport or book a bus tour, you find the small vans, named Guaguas, and the big busses at the beginning of town, between main road and beach. To the Parque Nacional del Este, just follow the main road out of town, turn left at the gas station and after 150 feet/50 meters you will see the entrance on the right.


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